Ultimate Business Coaching

A one to one business coaching package for business owners

For our clients to receive the ultimate business coaching service

Just as our business is unique then we know that every business owner has a unique vision. A vision to be listened to so we can help them create the solutions. So the Ultimate Business Coaching is a one to one coaching service tailored to meet the business solutions strategy of our clients. Firstly Gill Bailey, owner of LinQs, Author and Business Coach, will personally help you to identify your challenges and create your own action plan to deliver your business goals. As an experienced business owner who has helped many different entrepreneurs who get ‘stuck’ to build their profits and move the business profits faster, to plan their future exit from the business. It’s the coaching to achieve your desired future which will be the main focus of the discussion. But first note, Gill will not be afraid to challenge and get you to consider alternative approaches.

Coaching for your future growth

Together we will set the the timing and agenda for our weekly, fortnightly or monthly coaching sessions, each time with focused goals to execute your future growth and profits. Coaching sessions will be online and of 1 to 2 hours dependant upon your chosen scheduling and calendar.  You can access our calendar to book the sessions, with the flexibility to amend within our agreed terms of business. So whether you prefer early morning or evening from your home, during the day from your office, the choice is yours from our available times. But first you need to decide to become our client.

Becoming our client

Gill is always pleased to hear from business owners and decision makers.  Discussing the business development, leadership, marketing and strategy challenges affecting their business. Calling on a wealth of business knowledge and experience, during a chat Gill can provide the making of solutions.  With recent projects for business growth, sector and business leadership development. Plus exit strategies for lifestyle change for business owners under her belt. Gill understands the challenges that today’s business owners face.

As in any relationship it is the trust that grows from discussion and mutual interest. In business this also forms the basis of establishing a client relationship.  When two business people realise you share common values and you want to work with and entrust your business secrets. Then together establishing the agenda and desired goals, the business coaching relationship begins.  Going on to blossom as those moments of lightness, realism and vision are experienced by the client.  Setting out actions to challenge and experience change. Building a series of successful planned business outcomes, with amazing benefits.  That is an ultimate business coaching experience.

You know your business and what you want to achieve in your life, and so let’s make it happen!

To contact Gill either email [email protected] or take up our FREE Discovery Call