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I’m Gill Bailey owner of LinQs.


I help Business Owners grow their business and profits faster.

I look at their goals and challenges and share the secrets to create success, so that the business owners can take action to make more money.

What is your biggest challenge?


Are you a Business Owner who is looking to grow your business faster?


Do you feel confused by changing information and lack clarity to create your business strategy

to move forward and keep focused?


Or are you an established business owner of many years of success looking to exit for a new lifestyle?

Maybe you:

  • Know your business but need to find the right market

  • Believe you know the customers you should be working with but want to attract them

  • Keep getting it wrong and that is stopping you finding the way forward

  • Have gone through a period of losing your passion for your business and it needs to be reignited.

  • Are ready to get the help you need to enjoy your business, your lifestyle, and make more money now!

Firstly, you are not alone

Business owners are consistently meeting challenges. Reading the news, you see businesses fail every day. But equally many business owners see the warning signs, learn from their problems and go on to be even more successful and you can do the same.

It’s just a case of getting a clear vision of how your business should be growing and the profits that can be made.  So together we focus on a plan to achieve your goals. As soon as you have clear actions, your business will start to grow again and you will have more profits in your business.

Now the good news …

All you need to do is book a FREE Discovery Call, and Gill Bailey, owner of LinQs, will talk to you about your challenges. Using over 25 years business growth experience and a calm approach to define just a few areas that if actioned will change that profit margin. And then you will be able to go forward.

When you decide it’s time to take on our services there will be a number of ways to work with you.

The services you take is dependant upon your time and commitment to implement our strategies.

Are you ready to move forward at no cost? Book your FREE Discovery Call now and let’s talk soon

How we help:

Just as our business is unique then we know that every business owner has a unique vision and needs to be listened to. Firstly Gill Bailey will personally help you to identify your challenges and create your own action plan. Actions to deliver your selected profit areas. As an experienced business owner who has helped many different businesses through coaching and consultancy your desired outcomes will be the main focus of the discussion. You know your business and what you want to achieve in your life, and so let’s make it happen!

Why business owners and business development providers work with LinQs:

LinQs commitment to you is in our name:  Listen, share information, and to network to provide Quality solutions to develop your goals. That’s LinQs, our commitment and our business vision, established by Gill in 2001. 

Here at LinQs Business Coaching we focus on our customer, the business owner.  We share tried and tested strategies, offer our unique Masterclass and one to one Ultimate Business coaching, with a guarantee of coaching for success.

Gill’s passion is business

Celebrating 25 years growing businesses, in 2016 Gill set about bringing together the information that had made so many businesses successful.  Firstly our library of tried and tested resources were launched and then a business book to share the easy to follow secrets of a successful business. To test the books value, Gill took time out to meet business owners across a wide range of sectors to ensure the secrets shared worked in their business. Publishing  ‘How to build the Passion and the Profit for Your Business’ in October 2017.  With 10 chapters to profit making success to apply in any business. Then going that ‘extra mile’, this book is also printed in a format to enable the 30% of entrepreneurs challenged with dyslexia to read.

If we match your commitment and dedication to success, and you would like your challenges listened to and to be helped by Gill, then book your FREE Discovery Call now

Book your FREE Discovery Call now

Business owners we want to hear from you. We know that we can help you create profit making solutions. But first we need to chat and share via our Discovery Call.

In your FREE Discovery Call, we will listen and discuss

  • What your business is
  • What you are aiming to achieve in your business
  • Which major challenge is stopping you move forward
  • Some easy to follow options to more profits now
  • Your action plan
  • Inform you of what we do to help you find success

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Gill Bailey is an author and the owner and of LinQs. Leading LinQs Business Coaching and our specialist training at LinQs Business Support & Training


“I help business owners and their managers grow their business and their profits faster.” 

LinQs Business Coaching evolved from my LinQs Business Support and Training consultancy, established in 2001. A place to help business owners grow their business. 

LinQs had been my vision of a consultancy business after selling a 90’s service business that I’d taken from start up to sale, management buy-out and then sale on a larger scale. We won awards and gained media recognition during that decade. I also held non-executive roles for a UK employer association and a local community trust, and become Chair of another award winning organisation. 

My career started in the 80’s as a job analyst in a corporate multi-site manufacturing business. Listening and translating the work of operative, staff and senior management to create their clearly defined performance related job descriptions. I also gained Marketing management experience in the company. Then I was promoted to the company’s first female HR Manager reporting to the Board of Directors.

So I’ve experienced the challenges of multi-site operations and the fast growth small business in an ever changing business and market economy. Learning fast, listening to experience, gaining accredited qualifications in business and training and finding mentors in those I admired. It’s the art of listening and following trusted experts that has been the key to overcoming my challenges and gaining success in business.  I now share those valuable secrets of success in the coaching work I so love today.

I enjoy helping business owners solve the problems they face. Building the special supportive relationships you do in coaching. I’ve been described as ‘the calm voice of reason’ and having a knack for ‘switching on those light bulb moments’ by my clients. But as not everyone can commit to joining my coaching, I shared 10 secrets to success of how to build the passion and profit in business in my recent business book.  I also continually add easy to follow business growth guides to our library of resources to help more business owners find success.

I also love life and enjoy living in the market town of Clitheroe in rural Lancashire in the North of England. But it’s the family, friends and listening to music that make that my home. Then as the sun shines the whole world lights up for me.

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Word of Mouth Marketing

People speak about adverts they see, the experiences they have and the products they purchase

A popular area of marketing is ‘Word of Mouth’ and how it can make or break your business. With such a big subject this is the first post in a series on “Word of Mouth’ marketing.  We’ll start by looking at what it is.

What is Word of Mouth Marketing?

‘Word of Mouth’ is easily the most powerful form of marketing and is free. People speak about adverts they see, the experiences they have and the products they purchase. So if your business connects well with people they will spread the word about your new products or services in a superb way.  And you’ll be able to attract the right clients who will support your business for a long time.

But as valuable as ‘Word of Mouth’ can be for your business, the other side of the coin is how damaging it can be as well. As bad news seems to travel faster than good news. So if you have a poor value product or customer service process, then your customers will tell everyone to avoid purchasing your products and services.

The growth in technology has opened up wonderful opportunities in the world of ‘Word of Mouth’ marketing. With blogs, podcasts, on-line marketing, forums, social networking and all the different on line mediums on hand and making it easier for shoppers to share their experiences. And, most importantly for businesses this is all free advertising and marketing. 

Customer purchasing experience

Decision-making process

Let’s consider the significance of improving the customer purchasing experience.  Firstly by shortening the decision-making process so that customers check out extra quickly and easily. There are three great benefits to increase sales by shortening the selection cycle. They are to:

  • increase the typical amount clients spend on every purchase;
  • increase your number of customers;
  • increase the frequency of purchases.

Decision-making speed

Let’s take a deeper look at decision-making speed. Firstly, when you offer simplicity, ease and a fun purchasing atmosphere you’ll assist your customers to make their choices faster and with greater confidence. Then when this takes place your customers will buy more frequently, spend more cash than usual, refer friends and make the decision to buy more quickly. This can increase your market share by over a hundred times.

The time it takes your purchaser to figure out and purchase by far outweighs any other aspect of marketing. But when you focus on customer selection speed it forces you to review your business and company image, positioning, value, customer service, and guarantees of product quality.

Purchasing stress levels

The next area to consider is how to minimize the stress levels involved with selection making.  Because no matter how calm we normally are there is a certain amount of anxiety we all experience when making a purchase. Especially when that purchase is from a new source or for a sizeable amount of money. So it stands to reason that when you help to reduce this emotional response, you will soothe your customers’ anxiety and they will make their selection faster and more confidently.

Here are a few techniques to speed up the customer’s decision-making process:

  • Make your benefits, features, claims and guarantees, obvious, clear and concise.
  • The information you provide ought to be complete, easy to understand, and credible.
  • When using comparisons ensure that they reflect a marked difference.
  • Ensure guarantees are clear and reliable, offering more than the consumer expects.
  • Make access to trial periods or samples easy.
  • You must have simple reviews of your products or services.
  • Testimonials need to be relevant and positive.
  • Your support, transport and other operating systems have to be perfect.
  • Not least, ensure your website is as good as you can make it. By presenting clear information and experience which easily guides your clients gently through the decision-making process to make it easy for them to buy. And take it a step further by offering free access support or software program downloads to help with the procedure. Or offer different quality and informative ways to reassure your clients that you are there with them each and every step of the way and have nothing to hide.

This ends the first post on ‘Word of Mouth” marketing. And if you’d now like help to identify your target market or issues in customer decision-making times, try our FREE Discovery Call. Where you can put to the test our tips on the best way to improve your customer’s buying experience.

Next time we’ll move on and look at the strength of ‘Word of Mouth’ and what precisely this effective marketing tool is and how that can be used.

4 Steps to free business publicity

Media has become an important part of marketing for a business. But there are more opportunities to gain publicity. As media is part of PR this offers opportunities to free business publicity.

So don’t limit yourself. You can aim for the attention of newspapers, television, radio, magazines, bloggers and more. They are all equally powerful. Also, online marketing is just as, if not more, important as conventional media.

The 4 Steps

Here are the 4 steps to get noticed by the media:

  1. Put together a press release for your company. A press release that is relevant to your target market. By addressing consumer interest, not just announcements for your business.
  2. Compact your press release to include one hook and one angle. Choose them wisely to attract the most attention! You want to ensure the media person you are sending it to is interested in reading it.
  3. Put your press release in professional formatting. With press releases, you need a dateline. The most important information at the top. Then follow with facts and figures. Finally the contact details including who and how. Ensure you put the press release onto your letterhead.
  4. Send your press release to all television and radio stations, local and metro newspapers, national newspapers, industry magazines. Include any other form of media that reaches your target market. Don’t forget to include relevant blogs, ezines, press release submission sites, and the industry professionals. But more important than a perfect press release. Always ensure you have addressed the needs of your target market. Checking that the products/services you offer are made clear in the press release? Have you provided people a solution to a problem? Or a way to avoid a problem and an opportunity to enhance their life? As the media and public will be interested.

Add celebrity interest

If you have a celebrity connection or the ability to make a connection this can practically guarantee attention. But make sure you offer newsworthy information. Then follow up with the chosen media outlets to ensure that they are promoting that information.

This has been an introduction to getting free PR for your business.

“If I was down to the last dollar of my marketing budget I’d spend it on PR!” – Bill Gates

Try our FREE Discovery Call. Then we can show you how to put together press releases that work! Check out how the professionals do it. Learn to craft the perfect press releases for your business.

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