Growth ImpAct your business profits

Hi, I’m Gill Bailey, Business Coach, Author and owner of LinQs. I’d like to tell you about Growth ImpAct our Mastermind Group for business owners committed to faster profits starting in July 18.  From years of creating successful solutions with business owners we are introducing Growth ImpAct, a unique Mastermind Group.

As an expert in coaching and the blended learning approach to personal and business development of many years I understand what works. I also love to bring the latest expert growth opportunities to businesses. Blending expert current information into interactive focused, audio, visual and practical resources that can be worked on in the business. I also know from working for years with time and cash stretched business owners, that value and tried and tested solutions for growth and profits are essential. It’s down to creating a valuable easy to follow package that makes an impact on the business growth and profits.

As the name implies Growth ImpAct has been created to impact on business growth but with the importance of faster profits. So it’s a programme with a difference as the old ideas and ways don’t work in today’s modern business. The old marketing ideas don’t work.  The markets are global and anyone can check and find their purchases at their fingertips.  Other factors impacting the small to medium sized (SME) business owner are limited time and cash. But they still need to compete with larger businesses and their larger budgets.  However the major advantage of the SME business is that they can change more easily as the business owner is usually the main decision maker. So Growth ImpAct is specially created for today’s SME business owners committed to faster change to impact their business growth and profits.

Growth ImpAct is a monthly invite only membership Mastermind Group. Members get regular access to expert coaching, videos, workbooks and ask the expert support to grow their business and profits faster.

But why is Growth ImpAct by invitation only? It’s because we need to give our members the opportunity to try before they join us and guarantee them results.  So we need to chat and meet for FREE. Then we invite only the business owners ready to commit to our valuable Mastermind Group wealth of opportunities. Also a committed group interaction adds value too! Then, because we know that our approach works we can also then offer our members 100% money back guarantee terms.

So to learn more about this exciting development in LinQs Business Coaching and the route to join the Mastermind Group follow Growth ImpAct