Business Focus Session – 3 Easy Steps to Multiply your Profits

Business Owners get your free place on our ‘Red Hot’ Business Focus session, ‘3 Easy Steps to Multiply your Profits’ on Wednesday 15th August, 1pm to 2pm.  An online webinar session for UK business owners committed to grow their business and profits faster. It’s ‘Red Hot’ as it’s a free, faster, easy to follow expert advice session. So that you, the business owner, get expert advice, without leaving your office.  Then take away the information we share and apply it to your business immediately.

What our Business Focus session offers

In just 60 minutes, an expert in UK business growth, will help you discover new ways to increase your profits. You will leave with a step by step process for taking your business into a higher revenue stream. All totally free.

Our guarantee is you will take away from this session easy to implement, no cost strategies that instantly add cashflow to your business.

The webinar will be presented by Gill Bailey, owner of LinQs, an Author, Business Growth Coach & Mentor.  Gill will be sharing 3 easy steps that multiply business profits, again and again.  Giving you a chance to learn a few of the easy to follow business growth steps that Gill shares and grow businesses.  in the webinar you can also put your questions to Gill to help you apply these steps in your business.

Gill is Author of ‘How to Build the Passion and the Profit for your Business’. A business book with 10 Chapters of the secrets of business success.  The secrets which come from Gill’s 25 years business development expertise.

The places on this Business Focus webinar are limited to UK Business Owners. LinQs Business Coaching is a UK business committed to help UK business owners grow their business and their profits faster.  In our time together on this webinar we want to enable the conversation to focus on meeting their challenges. To register click on the link below and get your free place on this business focus session.

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(Note: if you are a manager of a business and looking for support in leadership business development please check our LinQs Business Support and Training webinar offers)