Be a Qualified Business Coach

Qualified Business Coach Course

Do you want to be a qualified business coach?

Have you got professional skills you want to share and coach other people in?

LinQs can offer you an internationally accredited qualification in coaching and mentoring from a professional business coach

There are lots of people on the internet offering quick routes to be a business coach with the promise of excessive earnings levels.  But if you follow those routes will you actually understand the basic principles of coaching. And will you have the professional coaching skills to sit across from someone as a professional business coach?  As you venture into business coaching you learn that every person is different and requires a structure from their coach. Equally you as a person needs to find and establish a professional model and style of coaching that suits you and your business.  Most experienced coaches use a range of coaching and mentoring styles to meet their client needs.  So to be a professional coach you first need to understand and practice a range of professional coaching and mentoring accredited skills.

Because LinQs want this growth in the valuable business coaching market to be led by professional business coaches. As an established coaching business, LinQs are offering an accredited qualification, the ILM level 5 Certificate or Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring, as an online coaching and learning course.  An internationally accredited professional course with coaching and support for the business coach.

LinQs ILM level 5 Certificate or Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring course is:

  • delivered by an experienced and qualified Business Coach and Mentor
  • with online coaching and easy to use coaching tools and skills;
  • viewing and hearing the skills you will want to apply from a business coaching expert;
  • achieved whilst working with the people you want to coach as a business, because we will be here to support you.
  • achieved in 6 to 9 months, dependant upon your choice of Certificate or Diploma level.
  • offered with easy payment terms

So, if you want to find out how to be a confident professional business coach with an internationally accredited qualification then either email [email protected] or book aFREE Discovery Chat for more details.