Media has become an important part of marketing for a business. But there are more opportunities to gain publicity. As media is part of PR this offers opportunities to free business publicity.

So don’t limit yourself. You can aim for the attention of newspapers, television, radio, magazines, bloggers and more. They are all equally powerful. Also, online marketing is just as, if not more, important as conventional media.

The 4 Steps

Here are the 4 steps to get noticed by the media:

  1. Put together a press release for your company. A press release that is relevant to your target market. By addressing consumer interest, not just announcements for your business.
  2. Compact your press release to include one hook and one angle. Choose them wisely to attract the most attention! You want to ensure the media person you are sending it to is interested in reading it.
  3. Put your press release in professional formatting. With press releases, you need a dateline. The most important information at the top. Then follow with facts and figures. Finally the contact details including who and how. Ensure you put the press release onto your letterhead.
  4. Send your press release to all television and radio stations, local and metro newspapers, national newspapers, industry magazines. Include any other form of media that reaches your target market. Don’t forget to include relevant blogs, ezines, press release submission sites, and the industry professionals. But more important than a perfect press release. Always ensure you have addressed the needs of your target market. Checking that the products/services you offer are made clear in the press release? Have you provided people a solution to a problem? Or a way to avoid a problem and an opportunity to enhance their life? As the media and public will be interested.

Add celebrity interest

If you have a celebrity connection or the ability to make a connection this can practically guarantee attention. But make sure you offer newsworthy information. Then follow up with the chosen media outlets to ensure that they are promoting that information.

This has been an introduction to getting free PR for your business.

“If I was down to the last dollar of my marketing budget I’d spend it on PR!” – Bill Gates

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