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I’m Gill Bailey owner of LinQs.


I help Business Owners grow their business and profits faster.

I look at their goals and challenges and share the secrets to create success, so that the business owners can take action to make more money.

What is your biggest challenge?


Are you a Business Owner who is looking to grow your business faster?


Do you feel confused by changing information and lack clarity to create your business strategy

to move forward and keep focused?


Or are you an established business owner of many years of success looking to exit for a new lifestyle?

Maybe you:

  • Know a lot about your business area but need to find the right market

  • Believe you know which customers you should be working with but you don’t know how to attract them

  • Keep getting it wrong and that is stopping you finding the way forward

  • Have gone through a period of losing your passion for your business and it needs to be reignited.

  • Are ready to get the help you need to enjoy your business, your lifestyle, and make more money now!

Firstly, you are not alone

Business owners are consistently meeting challenges. Reading the news, you see businesses fail every day. But equally many business owners see the warning signs, learn from their problems and go on to be even more successful and you can do the same.

It’s just a case of getting a clear vision of how your business should be growing and the profits that can be made.  So together we put the past behind you and focus on a plan to achieve your goals. As soon as you have clear actions, your business will start to grow again and you will have more profits in your business.

Now the good news …

All you need to do is book a FREE Discovery Call, and Gill Bailey, owner of LinQs, will talk to you about your challenges. Using over 25 years business growth experience and a calm approach to define just a few areas that if actioned will change that profit margin. And then you will be able to go forward.

When you decide it’s time to take on our services there will be a number of ways to work with you.

The services you take is dependant upon your time and commitment to implement our strategies.

Are you ready to move forward at no cost? Book your FREE Discovery Call now and let’s talk soon

How we help:

Just as our business is unique then we know that every business owner has a unique vision and needs to be listened to so we can help them in their situation. Firstly Gill Bailey will personally help you to identify your challenges and create your own action plan. Actions to deliver your selected profit areas. As an experienced business owner who has helped many different businesses through coaching, mentoring and consultancy your desired outcomes will be the main focus of the discussion. You know your business and what you want to achieve in your life, and so let’s make it happen!

Why business owners and business development providers work with LinQs:

LinQs commitment to you is to Listen, share information, and the networks that we know provide Quality solutions to develop your goals. That’s LinQs, our commitment and our business vision, established by Gill in 2001. 

Here at LinQs Business Coaching we focus on our customer, the business owner.  We share tried and tested strategies, offer our unique Masterclass and one to one Ultimate Business coaching, with a guarantee of coaching for success.

Gill’s passion is business

Celebrating 25 years growing businesses, in 2016 Gill set about bringing together the information that had made so many businesses successful.  Firstly our library of tried and tested resources were launched online and then a business book to share the easy to follow secrets of a successful business. So Gill took time out to interview business owners across a wide range of sectors to ensure the secrets shared worked in any business. Publishing her book  ‘How to build the Passion and the Profit for Your Business’ in October 2017.  A business book dedicated to business owners with 10 chapters to profit making success to apply in any business. But going that ‘extra mile’ this book is also printed in a format to enable the 30% of entrepreneurs challenged with dyslexia to read.

If we match your commitment and dedication to success, and you would like your challenges listened to and to be helped by Gill, then book your FREE Discovery Call now

Book your FREE Discovery Call now

Business owners we want to hear from you. We know that we can help you create profit making solutions. But first we need to chat and share via our Discovery Call.

In your FREE Discovery Call, we will listen and discuss

  • What your business is
  • What you are aiming to achieve in your business
  • Which major challenge is stopping you move forward
  • Some easy to follow options to more profits now
  • Your action plan
  • Inform you of what we do to help you find success

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Gill Bailey is an author and the owner and founder of LinQs. Leading LinQs Business Coaching and our specialist training at LinQs Business Support & Training


“I help business owners and their managers grow their business and their profits faster.” 

LinQs Business Coaching evolved from my LinQs Business Support and Training consultancy, established in 2001. LinQs had been my vision of a consultancy business after selling a 90’s service business. I’d taken that business from start up to sale, management buy-out and then sale on a larger scale. We won awards and gained media recognition during that decade. I’d also held non-executive roles for an employer association and a local community trust, becoming Chair of another award winning organisation. 

My career started in the 80’s as a job analyst in a corporate manufacturing business listening and translating operative and senior management tasks to create their clearly defined  performance related descriptions. I also gained Marketing management experience in the company. Then I was promoted to the company’s first female HR Manager reporting to the Board of Directors.

So I’ve experienced the challenges of multi-site operations and the fast growth small business in an ever changing business and market economy. Learning fast, listening to experience, gaining accredited qualifications in business and training and finding mentors in those I admired. I believe the art of listening and following trusted support has been the key to overcoming my challenges.  I now share those secrets of success in the coaching work I so love today.

I enjoy listening to business owners and helping them solve the problems they face. Building those open supportive relationships you do in coaching.  I’ve been described as ‘the calm voice of reason’ and ‘switching on those light bulb moments’ by my clients. As I believe business needs passion and profit to start up and then sustain growth it had to be in the title of my first business book. But that is just 10 secrets to success, so I continually add easy to follow guides to our library to help more business owners find success.

I also love life and enjoy living in the market town of Clitheroe in rural Lancashire in the North of England. But it’s the family, friends and listening to music that make that my home. Then as the sun shines the whole world lights up for me.

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New growth support for small business owners

Business growth plans in action

LinQs are launching a new programme to help small business owners create growth. This month sees the launch of LinQs new online coached business owners programme.

New initiative to reach small business owners

Gill Bailey, owner of LinQs, Author and Business Growth Coach, pushing forward vision to help more UK small business owners

With LinQs owner, Gill Bailey passionate about business growth and leadership. This new initiative to reach more UK small business owners to help grow their business will be no surprise to colleagues. As UK based LinQs bring their Business Owners Growth ImpAct Masterclass online.

Starting on 26 September, the initial group coaching session will be via video link. Making it easy for the business owner to access on their computer, tablet or mobile phone. So without the travel time of delegates to consider. The 90-minute session will focus on the business in hand. Helping business owners create strategies that work time and again.

“Small business owners, often have high demands on their time. So they can struggle to travel to and attend workshops or seminars. This is why our Growth ImpAct Masterclass is going online. To help more business owners create the tested strategies that bring about business growth.” Gill Bailey

Valued support

LinQs UK wide clients value our interactive sessions. And importantly, the high growth success strategies we share that work. So our style alongside the ease of access to our valued resources will make this an unmissable online coaching Masterclass.

The initial coaching session for the online Growth ImpAct Masterclass is on 26 September. This is available to book now and offers great value with its Early Bird Discount Saving

More information

To learn more about the Growth ImpAct Masterclass or get a free test-drive of our online coaching and shared strategies for growth and profits

Word of Mouth Strategy

Word of mouth strategy for customers
Word of mouth strategy for new customers

In our last post on ‘Word of Mouth’ we looked at how to make your customer’s purchasing experience shorter and easier.  To continue on the ‘Word of Mouth’ theme today let’s consider it’s power and how to shape it to your advantage. To create your Word of Mouth strategy

Factors to focus on

The fact is everyone relies on expert knowledge to guide us through our decision-making process.  When we gather our information on choosing the right solution to our problem we seek out an advisor to explain the benefits.  This is why understanding ‘Word of Mouth’ offers great advantages.  So these are the factors to focus on in a Word of Mouth Strategy:

  • The purpose is to accelerate the decision-making process for increased profits.
  • You can accelerate purchasing decisions by making the process easier.
  • By avoiding the ‘pushy’ sales techniques and delivering on your word of mouth promises.

Traditional advertising relies on one response to for every thousand adverts. Gathering the information before the customer makes any purchases. Whereas when you get information from a reliable source you are more likely to take their word for it and act.  In fact, the average customer will purchase on the personal recommendation made. So that’s how valuable the ‘Word of Mouth’ communication is to your marketing strategy.  

Why it works

In understanding the value further, let’s break it down.  We know it’s the communication between a customer and a potential customer.  But it also implies a level of relationship and trust for the potential customer to take action.

So, if we compare this to the advertising message to a potential customer where there is no established relationship with you, let alone the trust element. Who are they more likely to take advice from? The trusted relationship is going to win.  

From the benefits of ‘Word of Mouth’ let’s consider some of the reasons why it works:

  1. The information is tailored to the friendly communication between the referrer and the potential customer.
  2. Therefore it’s more personal, relevant and believable.
  3. The customer drives the information.
  4. With the internet, the information is self-generating and can be personally focused.
  5. The selected information, that is the source of the word of mouth recommendation, is identified as an expert.
  6. ‘Word of Mouth’ saves your business time and money.

To take this forward we need to build a strategy.

Word of Mouth Strategy

For your ‘Word of Mouth’ Strategy determine:

  • Where is the ‘Word of Mouth’ coming from?
  • What products are being affected by ‘Word of Mouth’?
  • What is the route the ‘Word of Mouth’ travels?

When this information is complete you can plan how to trigger your ‘Word of Mouth’ strategy to grow your sales.  If you need to understand today’s information and its impact on your business don’t forget to put us to the test on our FREE Discovery Call.

Today I went further into ‘Word of Mouth’ and next time I’ll go even deeper and discuss the levels of ‘Word of Mouth’.  So that you can understand which is good for your business and which is not. Gill Bailey, Author, Business Growth Coach

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